Who Am I?

I'm the girl who thinks about supper way before I've even had lunch or breakfast.

I'm an insatiable internet junkie who finds myself constantly browsing food blogs and other recipe sites for something tasty to make. Ending up with bursting-at-the-seams Pinterest boards. And a stuffed-to-the-gills google reader.
I moonlight as semi-professional sleeper and my guilty pleasure is falling asleep on the couch. My daytime profession is in finance.

I can lose myself in a well-written cookbook, one with stories, one where i can immerse myself into another time or place. I love reading, especially cookbooks, but anything really. I feel incomplete when I don't have something to read. I'm an (almost) rehabilitated magazine hoarder who tears out hundreds of recipes for "someday". Unfortunately my filing system is sorely lacking in this regard. 

I enjoy art movies, dramas and chick flicks, but have just as much appreciation for a mindless comedy such as Dude, Where's My Car? - "Chineeeeeeeeeeeese fooooooooooooooooood, howmayihelpyou?" - or Grandma's Boy - "How can they see me??" Austin Powers is, of course, a timeless classic.

This blog is about my love of exploring different cultures through their food.

Why don't you join me?

Explore - Innovate - Eat

PS: Did I mention I'm proudly South African? 

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