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You will find quite a few vegetarian & vegan options here. They are indicated by (V) for vegetarian and (V*) for vegan. Desserts, baked goods and drinks are all vegetarian unless otherwise indicated and are therefore simply marked if they are vegan.

You can also view the Recipe Index Sorted by Country for a round-up of dishes from around the world.
Breakfast & Brunch [+/-]

Starters [+/-]

Soups [+/-]

Salads [+/-]

Light Meals [+/-]

Curries & Stews [+/-]

Rice & Pasta [+/-]

Other Mains [+/-]

Side Dishes [+/-]

Breads & Accompaniments [+/-]

Apple Butter (V*)
Paneer (V)
Pita Bread (V*)
Pizza (V)
Pumpkin Squash Naan (V)
Sauce Ti Malice (Haitian hot sauce) (V*)

Sweets & Desserts [+/-]

Cupcakes, Cakes & Cookies [+/-]

Drinks [+/-]
Coconut Iced Coffee
Coquito (creamy Puerto Rican liqueur)
Limoncello (Italian lemon liqueur) (V*)
Mumbai Hot Chocolate
Rose Syrup Iced Tea (V*)
Springbokkies (South African shooter)
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