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Fennel, Olive & Orange Salad

Fennel, Orange & Olive Salad [photo]

So I'm really starting to get into this running jogging semi-jogging business. How the heck did that happen? Fitness is a bit of a foreign concept around Casa del Pot. We had a gym contract for three years (it was part of a discounted price okay) which ended in July and guess how many times we went? Probably not even twenty times altogether. Horrible, I know.

And it's not just me. TheHusband is equally guilty of couch lazing activities. Well. He does play squash once a week. *ahem* While I uh.. erm... did pretty much nothing. That can't be healthy can it? Oh I've tried jogging before. The year was 2003. I was still at varsity and a couple of my friends embarked on this quest with me. We walked a heck of a lot more than we jogged, but it was the thought that counted and over time, it gradually got easier and we were able to run for longer. But then the summer holidays arrived, all glistening and bronzed (*hmph* I wish) and whoooooooosh! My jogging quest flew out the door faster than you could say say "ice cream cone". Never to be seen again.

But dun-dun-duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! September 2010 rolls around. And whaddayaknow I decide to take up jogging again. Well walking/jogging to be technically correct. Boy that first session was tough. One minute of jogging followed by one and a half minutes of walking. Rinse and repeat for half an hour. That's sixty seconds of uninterrupted jogging folks! SIXTY! That's a whooooole lot longer than what you think it is. Fine, I am was super unfit. 

Fennel, Orange & Olive Salad [photo]

But I stuck at it. As a matter of fact, I'm still sticking at it one month later. I can now jog  for five continuous minutes (FIVE!) at a time and my next hurdle is to jog for twenty minutes, uninterrupted. Say what? That is a BIG jump from five minutes. But hey, I've come a long way baby. And when one minute seemed unsurmountable, I pushed through and I freakin' did it. Ditto for three and five minutes. So I see your twenty minutes and I raise you a "I think I can, I think I can, I know I can!"

And you know what's just the best thing after a late afternoon jog? Well besides the oh-so-satisfying post-jog streeeeeeeeeetch and the steamy bath. A crisp, juicy, fragrant salad. I kid you not. I don't know if it's just me, but after a bout of exercise I'm not too keen on a heavy meal. You'd think I would be, right? But no, light meals and salads are where it's at. And with summer fast approaching (hello spring!) aren't we all in the mood for those kinds of meals?

Proudly yours,
Jogging master wannabe

Fennel, Olive & Orange Salad
Serves 2 - 3

This is a really simple, fresh salad, perfect for the sultry days of summer that lie just around the corner. The combination of ingredients might seem slightly unorthodox, but I promise you it tastes exquisite. TheHusband was skeptical at  first, but once he tasted it, he sang its praises! Inspired by my favourite salad in the whole wide world.

1 large fennel bulb, thinly sliced (reserve leaves for garnishing)
50g sugarsnap peas, halved lengthwise
3 - 4 medium oranges, peeled and chopped
50g black olives, halved
1 tbsp olive oil
juice of 1 lemon
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp ground cumin
salt and pepper to taste

1. Combine fennel, sugarsnap peas, oranges and olives together in a medium sized bowl. 
2. Mix oil, lemon juice and spices together to form a simple salad dressing - taste and adjust accordingly - perhaps a bit more lemon juice of olive oil is needed to suit your palate. 
3. Pour over the salad, mixing to coat all the ingredients with the dressing. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to allow the flavours to develop and the juices to mingle.

Serve cold. 


OohLookBel on October 14, 2010 1:57 am said...

This salad looks so fresh and inviting - it would go down perfectly after a jog (not that I'd know, haha!).

Joanne on October 14, 2010 2:31 am said...

I totally know what you mean about craving lighter food after running...something about not wanting to undo all the good you've done. Some subconscious reflex or something.

I'm not really one for raw fennel but even I concede that this flavor combo is perfect. Delicious.

Congrats on the running chica! you'll be running a marathon before you know it :P

Marisa on October 14, 2010 3:06 am said...

Scary thought! But thanks. :-)

Nuts about food on October 14, 2010 3:16 am said...

I posted a very similar recipe in the summer. Isn't it a fabulous combination of flavors and textures? Off to discover your blog.

Marisa on October 14, 2010 3:17 am said...

You're clearly a lady of discerning taste! ;-)

Mindy on October 14, 2010 4:38 am said...

Interesting- I'm familiar with the fennel and orange combination but the addition of olives sounds enticing.

Faith on October 15, 2010 3:18 am said...

I agree, a light refreshing meal is perfect after a workout. This salad looks amazing!

Zenobia on December 28, 2010 12:43 pm said...

This is just what I was looking for - simple and refreshing recipe! Thanks

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